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Are you looking for the perfect addition to your new home theatre system? eHome offers 58” to 64” television screens, for those who want to create the ultimate viewing experience for everyone who takes a seat in their entertainment area.

The size of these screens should not be intimidating, as each model has Samsung technology which makes them easy to use and highly immersive. Watching the nature channel has never felt as realistic as it does with these spectacular televisions.

If you are concerned that such a large television will take up too much space in your lounge, you are able to mount them on the wall at the perfect viewing height, for optimal comfort while indulging in a movie or series marathon.

Many of these models are Smart TVs, which means that you are able to stream movies, videos and download apps from the comfort of your entertainment area. You can download a recipe app for those times when you need fresh ideas for dinner, or a game for your children to play while you relax on your lounge suite with a glass of wine.

With the options available from eHome, you can have a truly immersive viewing experience, with the Auto Depth Enhancer feature that is standard on the models we offer. This feature adjusts multi-layer contrast levels to create an enhanced sense of depth, ideal for a home theatre that packs an extra punch.

These larger televisions provide an ultra clean view, with colours that truly pop and come to life, as opposed to older televisions which can become distorted and warp the colours. Not only is this perfect for watching new films, but older films will look as crisp and clear as the day they were made.

The televisions that we stock might be large, but due to their thin and sleek aesthetics, they will not look out of place in a minimalist lounge, and will suit even the quirkiest of decor. Because they can be mounted on the wall, you can use the floor space for something other than a television stand. If you prefer to have your television on a sturdy surface, their stands are slim enough to not create unwanted bulkiness.

Watching television is no longer the square-eye inducing activity of the past, but is now an exciting, immersive experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning movie fans. Choose from eHome’s extensive collection and introduce a world of intense colour and outstanding viewing experiences to your family.

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