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Swiss 90cm Glass Gas Hob PI950STGB-1


- Tempered glass top.
- Solid aluminum knobs.

Product description

Cooking on a gas hob is popular among many foodies and home chefs. It allows you to create the perfect meal in record time, with accurate temperature control for evenly cooked food. The instantaneous nature of cooking with gas means that you will never again have to spend time waiting for water to boil, and you will save on electricity costs too.

The Swiss glass gas hob offers a range of unique features, such as a tempered glass top for easy cleaning, aluminium knobs for long-lasting control, and five gas burners with different speeds and unique functions. This hob will allow you to create culinary wonders in minutes and without using any electricity at all. If you are a foodie or a home chef, you will enjoy being able to whip up a meal on this beautiful home appliance.

Choose this Swiss glass gas hob to beautify your kitchen.


Tempered glass top
Solid aluminum knobs
Flame failure safety device
Cast iron grids
Auto ignition
Five gas burners One wok burner (3.2kw), one rapid burner (2.5kw), two semi-rapid burners (1.7kw), and one aux burner (1.0kw)
Product size 860mm x510mm x112mm (LxWxH)

Power & Safety Gas Injectors

Packs a solid punch with 3 injectors to deliver 4.5kw of cooking power. The top aspiration configuration assures complete safety. The cast iron crowns will not distort even under heavy usage. With inner/outer ring control, it is the best choice of burners available on the market.

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Made In China
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