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Smeg 80cm Induction Hob ( With Angled Edge ) SIM581B

- Hob 77cm, Universal Induction, Black Angled Edge Glass.

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Product Description

Induction hobs are designed to generate heat quickly and, ironically, without getting hot themselves. Induction hobs direct heat to the steel or cast-iron pot or pan that you’re using but the coil itself only gets slightly warm. This makes it safer with children running around the kitchen or clumsy cooks who tend to touch hot plates. It’s also a safer option for the environment. The Smeg 77cm Induction Hob comes with an angled edge to fit seamlessly into place, touch controls for the modern kitchen and multi-zones to cater for different cookware.

Programs / Functions


Total cook zones: 4

Total induction cook zones: 4

Total Booster cook zones: 4

Multizone No.: 1

Main on/off switch

Power levels: 9



Control setting: Touch control




Multizone Option

Auto-boiling Function

Simmering Function

Melting/Low temperature cooking function

Pause option

End cooking timer: 4

End of cooking acoustic alarm

Residual time indicator

Controls Lock / Child Safety

Levels quick setting

Cooking zones

Front left - Induction - Multizone - 1750 W W - Booster 2400 W W - Ø 180x230 mm

Rear left - Induzione - Multizone - 1750 W W - Booster 2400 W W - Ø 180x230 mm

Front right - Induction - single - 1400 W W - Booster 2000 W W - Ø 145 mm

Rear right - Induction - giant - 2300 W W - Booster 4100 W W - Ø 280 mm

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3 Year limited

Technical Specs

Automatic pan diameter adjustment

Pan presence detection

Indication of the minimum pan diameter

Automatic switch-off when overheating

Automatic switch-off when overflowing

Residual heat indicator

Protection against accidental startup

Width (mm): 77

Induction Cooking Zones Technical Specs:

Cooking zone one power: 1750 W (Booster 2400 W)

Cooking zone two power: 1750 W (Booster 2400 W)

Cooking zone three power: 1400 W (Booster 2000 W)

Cooking zone four power: 2300 W (Booster 4100 W)

Cooking zone one diameter: 180 mm / 230 mm

Cooking zone two diameter: 180 mm / 230 mm

Cooking zone three diameter: 145 mm

Cooking zone four diameter: 280 mm


Electrical connection rating: 7400 W

Current: 31.3 A

Voltage: 230 V

Voltage two: 400 V

Cord type: Universal

Frequency: 50-60 Hz


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