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Siemens iQ700 Tumble dryer 9kg - WT47W540BY

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- iSensoric heat-pump dryer with selfCleaning condenser. Now up to 35min faster.

- Cleaning the condenser becomes obsolete and energy consumption remains constantly low thanks to the self-cleaning system.

- Dries a full load up to 35 min faster.

- A++: very efficient drying.

- 40 minute quick dry programme (Rapid 40).

- Sensor-controlled autoDry technology prevents laundry from shrinking when being dried



Product Description

Does anything beat the feeling of warm, dry clothes and sheets? If your answer is no, then a tumble dryer is the perfect addition to your household appliances. A tumble dryer dries clothes that have been washed by spinning them in hot air in a drum, saving you from having to air dry clothes in seasons when weather is uncertain.

The Siemens iQ700 9kg tumble dryer is an iSensoric heat-pump dryer with a selfCleaning condenser, making the drying cycle up to 35 minutes faster than other models. It offers an anti-vibration design, which makes it more durable, stable and silent that many other tumble dryers on the market today.

A tumble dryer is ideal for a larger family that has numerous clothes to wash and dry, and the iQ700 has a 9 kg capacity which is perfect for larger amounts of laundry. Another perk of this machine is the self-cleaning condenser. You will no longer have to clean out the condenser, which helps in keeping energy usage low.


Self-cleaning condenser

Anti-crease cycle 120 minutes at the end of the cycle

Fully electronic control

Large LED display

Anti-vibration design

Child safety lock

Container for condensed water

Dries clothes in 35 minutes

General Details

Dimensions of product (mm) 842 x 598 x 599

Dryer type Condenser

Installation typology Freestanding

Capacity 9 kg

Energy efficiency A++

Net weight 54 kg


Special programmes: woollen finish, Mixed Load, outdoor, towels, Pillows, Time program warm, Time program cold, Lingerie, Super 40, shirts/blouses


Anti crease cycle 120 min at the end of the programme
Touch control buttons: start/pause, Low Heat, Buzzer, Drying aim, 24 h Ready

Comfort and Safety

Fully Electronic Control
Large LED-Display for remaining time and 24 h end time delay, programme status indication, special functions.
Air flow Drying System: Big Stainless steel drum structure, soft design paddles
Child Lock
Buzzer to indicate the end of cycle
Large chrome, white Glass door, door hinge on right
Door hinge: right-hand
Container for condensed water

General Information

Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 x 59.8 x 65.2 cm
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Made In China
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