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Siemens iQ500, 9kg Anti Stain Washing Machine Inox WM14T56XZA


- Sensoric Washing Machine with automatic stainRemoval and multiTouch LED Display.

- Stain removal programme for removing the 4 most stubborn stains.

- Intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor for highly effective and efficient laundry care.

- With the option speedPerfect, get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time.

- waterPerfect Plus: sensor-controlled wash programmes for the most efficient water usage with any load size

- With a digital multiTouch Display, this washing machine can be operated intuitively and with highest precision.




Know how to remove stains: the stain removal programme.

Engine power/Consumption

Capacity: 9 kg

Energy Efficiency Class: A+++ --30%



Special programmes: down, Easy Care Dark, Shirts/Blouses, sports/fitness, quick wash/mixture, AllergyPlus / Hygiene, Super 15 min / Super 30 min, wool, delicates/silk



The autoStain Removal System (ASR) with 4 stain options - activatable with standard programmes

varioPerfect: time- or energy optimized programs with perfect wash performance

Touch control buttons: Prewash, Less Ironing, Spin speed reduction, Time Delay, Temperature Selection, SpeedPerfect, EcoPerfect, Start / Reload / Pause, stain selection, rinse hold, Memory und 24 h Time Delay


Comfort and Safety

Reload Function: Stop the already running washing machine to add any forgotten items of laundry to the drum.

XXL Drum volume: 63 l

waveDrum: for highly effective and extremely gentle laundry care

DrumClean with reminder function

32 cm porthole, chrome, blackgrey with 171° opening door



Flow-through sensor

waterPerfect: resource gentle watermanagement

Multiple water protection

Recommended Load

Indication of water and energy consumption prior to start of programme

Large touch-LED-display for programme status indication, temperature selection, max. spin speed, remaining time and 24 h end time delay, load recommendation and consumption indication

Foam detection system

Child Lock

Divider for Liquid Detergent


Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 59 cm
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Made In China
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