Model number (SKU)
B 3826

Miele Steam Ironing System Anthracite / Lotus White B 3826

- Steam ironing system with display and 2-level ironing board fan for perfect ironing results.

- Uniform steam distribution – Miele honeycomb soleplate

- Professional ironing results due to 4.0 bar steam pressure

- Convenient set-up/storage –1-2 lift system

- Perfect ironing with support of the active ironing board

- Easy ironing with the fan set to Fan power level

Honeycomb structure soleplate


Perfect results: steam from the honeycomb surface helps the iron glide smoothly and effectively over the laundry.

Miele Steam Ironing System's Honeycomb structure soleplate


More than just hot air: 4 bar steam pressure and 100 

Miele Steam Ironing System with steam coming out of iron

1-2-Lift system

Two steps, zero effort! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented 1-2 lift system.

Miele Steam Ironing System 1-2-Lift system

Active ironing table

Best ironing results: Inflation and suction function ensures best use of steam and ideal positioning of clothing.

Miele Steam Ironing System active ironing table

Infinite height adjustment

Simply ergonomic: a built-in gas lift mechanism brings the ironing table to the perfect working height (83 - 102 cm)

Miele Steam Ironing System infinite height adjustment

Inflation function

Virtually weightless: Air pockets allow the fabric to be smoothed but not pressed.

Miele Steam Ironing System inflation function

Non-stick soleplate

Perfect care: Sequins, prints, delicate fabrics and dark items are all ironed gently with no shiny patches.

Miele Steam Ironing System non-stick soleplate

CoolDown function

Extra safety: If the iron is not used, it will switch off automatically after three minutes.

Miele Steam Ironing System CoolDown function

Water container

Long-lasting: the water container holds up to 1.25 litres – enough for a full hour of ironing.

Miele Steam Ironing System water container

1-2-Lift system

Two steps, zero effort! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented 1-2 lift system.

Miele Steam Ironing System patented 1-2-Lift system


Mobile and nimble: the FashionMaster can be transported easily and follows you wherever you want to go.

Miele Steam Ironing System folded and being rolled away

Automatic rinsing

Pure ironing joy: with the rinsing function, mineral residue from the evaporation process is removed.

Miele Steam Ironing System Automatic rinsing function

Guided descaling

Longer service life due to ideal descaling: Fill the descaler, then a button starts the appliance automatically.

Ironing multi-layered items

Saves physical effort and time: multi-layered items can be ironed in a single process. Turn over? Not necessary!

Miele Steam Ironing System Ironing multi-layered items

Comfort Zone

Ironing in one go: iron the entire front of a shirt or blouse without re-positioning the yoke.

Miele Steam Ironing System comfort Zone

Guided first use

Just start: During start-up, the appliance guides you safely through the selection menu for language and water hardness.

Miele Steam Ironing System Guided first use

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