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B 3826

Miele Steam Ironing System Anthracite / Lotus White B 3826

- Steam ironing system with display and 2-level ironing board fan for perfect ironing results.

- Uniform steam distribution – Miele honeycomb soleplate

- Professional ironing results due to 4.0 bar steam pressure

- Convenient set-up/storage –1-2 lift system

- Perfect ironing with support of the active ironing board

- Easy ironing with the fan set to Fan power level


Honeycomb structure soleplate


Perfect results: steam from the honeycomb surface helps the iron glide smoothly and effectively over the laundry.

Miele Steam Ironing System's Honeycomb structure soleplate


More than just hot air: 4 bar steam pressure and 100 

Miele Steam Ironing System with steam coming out of iron

1-2-Lift system

Two steps, zero effort! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented 1-2 lift system.

Miele Steam Ironing System 1-2-Lift system

Active ironing table

Best ironing results: Inflation and suction function ensures best use of steam and ideal positioning of clothing.

Miele Steam Ironing System active ironing table

Infinite height adjustment

Simply ergonomic: a built-in gas lift mechanism brings the ironing table to the perfect working height (83 - 102 cm)

Miele Steam Ironing System infinite height adjustment

Inflation function

Virtually weightless: Air pockets allow the fabric to be smoothed but not pressed.

Miele Steam Ironing System inflation function

Non-stick soleplate

Perfect care: Sequins, prints, delicate fabrics and dark items are all ironed gently with no shiny patches.

Miele Steam Ironing System non-stick soleplate

CoolDown function

Extra safety: If the iron is not used, it will switch off automatically after three minutes.

Miele Steam Ironing System CoolDown function

Water container

Long-lasting: the water container holds up to 1.25 litres – enough for a full hour of ironing.

Miele Steam Ironing System water container

1-2-Lift system

Two steps, zero effort! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented 1-2 lift system.

Miele Steam Ironing System patented 1-2-Lift system


Mobile and nimble: the FashionMaster can be transported easily and follows you wherever you want to go.

Miele Steam Ironing System folded and being rolled away

Automatic rinsing

Pure ironing joy: with the rinsing function, mineral residue from the evaporation process is removed.

Miele Steam Ironing System Automatic rinsing function

Guided descaling

Longer service life due to ideal descaling: Fill the descaler, then a button starts the appliance automatically.

Ironing multi-layered items

Saves physical effort and time: multi-layered items can be ironed in a single process. Turn over? Not necessary!

Miele Steam Ironing System Ironing multi-layered items

Comfort Zone

Ironing in one go: iron the entire front of a shirt or blouse without re-positioning the yoke.

Miele Steam Ironing System comfort Zone

Guided first use

Just start: During start-up, the appliance guides you safely through the selection menu for language and water hardness.

Miele Steam Ironing System Guided first use

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Technical Details

Iron colour
Anthracite/lotus white
Ironing board cover colour
Perfect ironing results 
Honeycomb soleplate
Steam pressure in bar
Steam quantity in g/min
Vertical steam
Steam starting from temperature level
Steam burst
Continuous steam
Active ironing table (inflation and suction function)
2-stage fan
Non-stick soleplate
Time-saving ironing 
Water container volume in l
Removable water container
Permanently refillable water container
Multi-layer ironing
User convenience 
1-2 Lift system
Variable height adjustment with gas pressure stay, in mm
Castors gentle on the floor
Ironing board with Comfort Zone
Fan safety switch-on/switch-off
Choice of language
Guided descaling
Guided first-time use
Automatic descaling
Automatic rinsing
Storage compartment for iron
Storage compartment for mains cable and accessories
CoolDown function
AutoOff function
Technical data 
Dimensions in mm (width)
Dimensions in mm (height)
Dimensions in mm (depth)
Dimensions in mm (width), folded
Dimensions in mm (height), folded
Dimensions in mm (depth), folded
Ironing surface area in mm
1200 x 400
Standard accessories 
Non-stick soleplate
Steam hose holder
Mains cable holder
Test strips for determining water hardness
Descaling tablets
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