Model number (SKU)
G 4263

Miele 60cm Fully Intergrated Dishwasher Stainless Steel SCVi Active G 4263


- Fully integrated dishwashers with cutlery tray for maximum convenience at an attractive entry level price

- Easy loading an unloading - Cutlery tray

- Particularly economical with EU energy efficiency class A+

- Save up to 40 % more electricity – hot water connection

- Very easy door opening and closing – ComfortClose

- Every piece of crockery has its place −  Miele basket design

The original cutlery tray

Cutlery items don't touch each other, food deposits are removed completely and the cutlery is dried perfectly.

Ergonomic basket handles

Simplify your daily routine: The basket handles make loading and unloading easier.

MultiComfort area in the lower basket

For all types of crockery: Even large pots/pans or bulky items fit easily in the versatile lower basket.

Comfort basket design

Crockery can be loaded easily and securely for optimum results.

Height-adjustable upper basket

Several options: On all Miele dishwashers, the upper basket is easily and variably height-adjustable.

Hot water connection

Up to 50% electricity savings2: Every Miele dishwasher can be connected to a hot water connection up to 60 ̊C.


Practical: The door is extremely easy to open and close, and stays open in any position.

Countdown indicator

Keeping you informed: The countdown indicator lets you know how long the programme has left to run.

Delay start

Benefit from cheap electricity tariffs: The start of a programme can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance.


First-class: Convenient user prompts and ergonomic controls for simple operation.


Extremely economical: The water and energy saving programme is perfect for mixed loads.

Intensive 75°C

Maximum cleaning performance: Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.

Normal 55°C

Quick and effective: this programme for every day loads cleans normally soiled crockery thoroughly.


For crockery which is not sensitive to heat: For example mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits.


Gentle and with care: The programme cleans heat-sensitive crockery that is slightly dirty.


Sometimes things have to be done fast: With the Short programme option you can reduce the cycle time.

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