Model number (SKU)
CM 7300

Miele Freestanding Countertop Coffee Machine Brilliant White CM 7300

- Countertop coffee machine with OneTouch for Two feature and heated cup rack for perfect coffee.

- Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities - Cappuccinatore

- Perfect results and intense coffee flavour - AromaticSystem

- Fully automatic perfection - OneTouch for Two

- Convenient cleaning for care and mainten. - Cleaning programmes

- Pre-warmed cups always to hand - heated cup rack

OneTouch and OneTouch for Two

For more enjoyment together

Single or double: Extra programmes for making one or two cappuccinos or latte macchiatos.

Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework

Excellent user convenience: After making special coffee with milk, the machine is cleaned automatically


Intelligent technology: The brew chamber mixes coffee and water perfectly.

Coffee and tea

Variety for gourmets: The CM7 prepares 20 types of tea and coffee specialities perfectly. Fully automatic.


Ideal distance: The CupSensor recognises the cup rim and alters the position of the central spout accordingly.

CM Touch

Gourmet results: the CM7 is easy to operate by touching the screen on the easy-to-navigate CM Touch display.


Excels with its distinctive intense flavour and a thick crema.


Simply made with water and freshly ground coffee.

Long coffee

A greater amount is dispensed than a normal coffee, so even your favourite mug is completely full.


A concentrated, strong espresso. The same amount of ground coffee is prepared with very little water.


A perfect combination of espresso and creamy hot milk froth.

Latte macchiato

A composition of strong espresso, hot milk and milk froth

Caffè latte

In contrast to cappuccino, it is made from hot milk and espresso

Espresso macchiato

The cappuccino's little brother - an espresso with a small topping of milk froth.

Cappuccino italiano

A cappuccino, where espresso is poured first and then the milk froth is added to the cup.

Café au lait

Is normally served in a bowl and consists of coffee and hot milk froth.

Flat white

A special version of cappuccino where the milk froth has very small, fine bubbles.

Long black

A double espresso is added to hot water.

Caffè americano

In contrast to the long black, espresso is added to the cup before the hot water.

Green tea

Contains caffeine and therefore is an ideal stimulant. Tea can be enjoyed after 1-2 minutes of steeping.

Black tea

A close relative of green tea. It is usually enjoyed straight, with milk or with a little lemon juice.

Herbal tea

Contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements and therefore is not only a luxury food but also a medical remedy.

Fruit tea

As diverse as the world of fruit. It develops the best aroma after about 5-10 minutes of steeping.

Hot milk and hot milk froth

Hot milk and prepared milk froth can be enjoyed on their own or as cocoa.

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