Model number (SKU)
DA 2906

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 EXT

- Ceiling extractor for combination with an external fan for noise reduction in the kitchen.

- Elegant design - harmonious in the kitchen environment

- Unique convenience - Con@ctivity 2.0

- Variable: edge extraction panels made of glass or stainless steel

- Efficient and beautiful - Multi-zone edge extraction

- For perfect functionality - accessories for proper venting

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Con@ctivity 2.0

Automatic operation for intelligent fan control

Optimum room climate: The required fan output is automatically controlled by the hob settings.

Miele Ceiling Extractor in a kitchen next to a living room

Design flexibility

Clear design, intelligent technology: you can choose between many models and features.

Miele Built-Under Cooker Hood in kitchen showcases design flexibility

LED spotlights

Environmentally friendly and very long lasting: With up to 4.5 W they illuminate the hob with a warm light.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 LED spotlights

Booster setting switch-off

Full power when required: The Booster setting is efficient at extracting strong cooking vapours and odours.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel Booster setting switch-off

Stainless steel grease filters (10-layer)

Convenient cleaning: The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-proof and extremely durable.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel grease filters (10-layer)

Miele CleanCover

Protection and easy cleaning: the smooth concealed surface prevents contact with electrical components and motor.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 CleanCover


Efficient and quiet: The motor, chimney and canopy are specially insulated for effective sound-proofing.

white boy holding index finger in front of mouth to indicate silence of the miele extractor

Edge extraction

Efficient and beautiful: With edge extraction grease filters are concealed by a stainless steel or glass panel.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 Edge extraction glass panel

Handcrafted in Germany

Know-how and craftsmanship: All our knowledge is poured into every cooker hood, from development to production.

Miele Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 Handcrafted in Germany

Perfect processing

Unique characteristics of Miele hoods: precise contours and precision joints.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 precise contours and precision joints

Safety switch-off

Sensible, even in case of operating errors: the cooker hood will switch itself off automatically after 10 operating hours.

Details of design flexibility features over all Miele products and models.

Run-on function

Odour-free room air: after cooking, the fan can be set to switch off automatically after a 5 or 15 minute run-on period.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel Run-on function

Filter indicator

Easy filter replacement: A red light lets you know when the grease and/or active charcoal filter is saturated.

Miele Ceiling Extractor Stainless Steel DA 2906 filter indicator

More Information
Made In
Item Weight
Warranty Description

Technical Details

Construction type 
Ceiling extractor
Stainless steel
Multi-zone edge extraction
Operating modes 
Type of air guide
air extraction
External operation possible
User convenience 
Electronic controls
Light-touch switches with LED
Power levels (number without Booster level)
Booster level
Programmable Booster level switch-off
Run-on time 5 / 15 min.
Grease filter saturation indicator programmable
Silence package
Cleaning convenience 
Easy-to-clean canopy interior – CleanCover
Efficiency and sustainability 
Energy efficiency class (A++ – E)
Annual energy consumption in kWh/year
Fluid dynamic efficiency class
Lighting efficiency class
Appliance networking 
Automatic function Con@ctivity 2.0
Filter system 
Number of dishwasher safe stainless-steel grease filters (10-ply)
Light intensity in Lx
Colour temperature in K
Safety switch-off
Technical data 
Overall height for extraction mode and external mode cooker hoods in mm
Canopy width in mm
Canopy height in mm
Canopy depth in mm
Minimum height above electric hobs in mm
Minimum height above gas hobs (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner ≤ 4.5 kW) in mm
Net weight in kg
Hard-wired connection
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Installation notes 
Extraction ducting connection at top
Extraction ducting connection on side
Extraction ducting connection at top, rear, and side
Diameter of extraction ducting connection in mm
Standard accessories 
Non-return flap
RF Con@ctivity 2.0 communication stick for KM
XKS 3000 Z
Remote control

Installation drawings

Whether you want to replace a household appliance or planning a kitchen - here you will find all the relevant installation diagrams for your Miele appliance.

If you want to download an installation diagram, please click on the appropriate image and the high-resolution version is displayed. To download, click the right mouse button and save the image on your computer.

Please note that the installation and maintenance of our equipment should only be performed by a licensed contractor. For questions, please call us and we will advise you without any obligation!

Installation drawings-for combination with an external fan for noise reduction in the kitchen.-

DA 2906 (Installation drawing)

1. Suction side

2. Fan, ducts upwards or to any side

3. Motor can be installed to suit. Ducting and connection cable required to link to appliance

4. Min. gap of 50 mm required for installation against a wall

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