Model number (SKU)
CVA 6805

Miele Built-in Coffee Machine Brilliant White CVA 6805

- Built-in coffee machine with bean-to-cup system - the Miele all-rounder for the highest demands.

- Perfect results and intense coffee flavour - AromaticSystem

- Fully automatic perfection - OneTouch for Two

- Unique automatic sensing of cup height - CupSensor

- Innovative and convenient milk system - EasyClick milk system

- Convenient cleaning for care and mainten. - Cleaning programmes
Brilliant white
Obsidian black
Stainless steel/Clean Steel
Graphite grey

OneTouch and OneTouch for Two

For more enjoyment together

Single or double: Extra programme for preparing one or two espresso, coffee, cappuccino, etc.


Easy access: convenient access to bean container, water container, waste container and drip tray.


Intelligent technology: The brew chamber mixes coffee and water perfectly.


Ideal distance: The CupSensor recognises the cup rim and alters the position of the central spout accordingly.

Automatic rinsing of water container milk pipework

Excellent user convenience: After making special coffee with milk, the machine is cleaned automatically

EasyClick milk system

Innovative and only from Miele: The milk system simply clicks into place at the front and is as easily removed.


Excels with its distinctive intense flavour and a thick crema.


Simply made with water and freshly ground coffee.

Long coffee

A greater amount is dispensed than a normal coffee, so even your favourite mug is completely full.

Caffè latte

In contrast to cappuccino, it is made from hot milk and espresso.


A perfect combination of espresso and creamy hot milk froth.

Latte macchiato

A composition of strong espresso, hot milk and milk froth.

Eco mode

True energy savings: in eco mode, the appliance heats up automatically just before the preparation process starts.

Automatic rinsing function and cleaning programmes

Best results: The cleaning programmes in combination with the rinsing function ensure the best possible hygiene.


Thorough cleaning and long lasting care: many components are dishwasher-proof.

Easily removable brew unit

Easy to remove and clean: A guarantee for impeccable hygiene, longevity and perfect coffee enjoyment.

System lock

Very sensible: The lock mechanism prevents unintentional operation, for example even by children.

Built-in cup warmer - automat. pre-warmed cups

Perfect coffee pleasure: Patented technique warms the cups half an hour before the switch-on time.

Conical grinding mill

For best coffee aroma: the mill grinds the coffee beans very evenly and thoroughly.

User profiles

Your choice: up to 10 individual user profiles for your personal coffee experience.

OneTouch and OneTouch for Two

Single or double: Extra programme for preparing one or two espresso, coffee, cappuccino, etc.

Ground coffee chute

Quick and to your taste: There is no need to change the beans for a second type of coffee, e.g. decaf coffee.

Coffee pot function

Convenient when having guests: Up to eight cups of coffee are produced for your visitors or for a meeting.

Optional fresh water connection

Time-saving and convenient: the plumbed-in model with fresh water connection saves having to replenish the water container regularly.


Places every cup in the spotlight: soft LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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