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Godin Equirre 7.5 kW Freestanding Fireplace


- Fuel: Wood burning

- Power: 7.5 kW

- Heating Capacity: 240 m3

- Flue size outlet: 153 diameter



The condition of the chimney flue is of prime importance. It will determine the final result: to ensure constant supply of primary air to the heater and extraction of the burned gasses. Most problems experienced are due to a defect of the chimney

One should not compare or refer to the results provided by a previous model or make, which may have different needs of air

A good chimney must be built with materials of little heat transmission which do not cool down easily

The minimal section of the chimney for utilisation door closed is 2.5 dm2, which corresponds to a diameter of 153mm. (Present regulations)

Not a single reduction of the flue, even at the top outlet is permissible, as it may cause a reduction of fume exhaust, which can provoke some down draught in the room when opening the door

The chimney must originate from the room where the heater is installed

The conduit to be perfectly sealed

The height must not be lower than 5 meters, with a reasonable upper clearance in fresh air of 0.40m, minimum above the pitch of the roof or from any other obstacle at a distance of less than 8 meters from the conduit

The draught should be between 1.5mm CE & 2mm CE during normal functioning, and dropping to 0.5mm CE on slow running

The draught must not come down below 1.2mm CE, in normal running mode

If the draught is too strong a draught moderator can be fitted. If the draught is insufficient, the characteristics prescribed in the paragraph for the chimney must be followed

If the cross-section of the chimney is too large, the volume to warm is too great and the draught will not operate normally. In that case, install a stainless steel flexible lining or other suitable lining in the chimney. The recommended size is not to be less than 153mm diameter (up to 180mm), for a height of up to 7 meter

It is recommended to fit a well-sealed cleaning trap at more or less 50cm below the heater outlet

Before connecting, make sure that the chimney is perfectly clean. If necessary have the chimney swept

The appliance to be installed must conform to the D. U. T. specifications in force. The installation to be carried out by a qualified professional installer. All local and national rules are to be respected

If extractors are installed in the same room or space where the heater is situated they could dangerously affect the running of the heater

Never block the air intake of the room and install them in a manner that they cannot be obstructed. The heater takes the air from the room, therefore it is necessary to ensure sufficient air intake from outside

The appliances are not made to be connected to multiple chimneys

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