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Godin Ecoval 13 kW Freestanding Fireplace Black


- Fuel: Wood burning

- Colour: Black

- Power: 13 kW

- Heating Capacity: 500 m3

- Flue size outlet: 180 diameter



Before installation, ensure that the chimney is in good condition and that the duct ensures a satisfactory draught.

Depression must be 1.5mm water gauge, at least. i.e. 1.5mm WG (0.06’’WG)

The chimney should be well insulated

 It must be airtight and its cross section area must be constant.

The minimum area of cross section must be no less than 2.5dm2 (39sq inches) which corresponds to 180mm. On the other hand, an excessively large area of cross section produces too great volume, which is difficult to heat and is one of the principle causes of poor draught.

A comparison cannot be made with previous units’ results, where the air supply is different.

An efficient chimney must be built with materials, which have poor heat conductive capacity

The chimney must only vent one fireplace

It must suitably emerge into free air at least 0.40m above the rooftop or any other obstacle situated within distance of 8 meters from the chimney

Any chimney deviated must be very open angled

The draught must range between 1.5mm WG and 2mm WG when burning normally and must drop at 0.5mm WG roughly when burning slowly. If the draught is too high, a damper should be fitted. If the draught is insufficient, check if the characteristics of the chimney comply with those prescribed in this paragraph

If the cross-section of the fireplace is too large, the volume to be heated is too big and the draught won’t be able to reach satisfactory levels. In such cases, the chimney shall require internal piping with tubes adapted to wood fires. The pipes diameter should in no case be inferior to 180mm. Never obstruct the air louver installed in the door

Never obstruct the air louver installed in the door

It is recommended that a well sealed sweeping/cleaning trap is fitted approximately 50cm below the axis of the smoke duct

Never reduce the diameter of the extraction pipe designed for the appliance. The majority of problems experienced during the operation of the units are related to an adjustment in the specified chimney conduit. We cannot emphasize this enough

The origin of the chimney must be located in the same room as the appliance

The connection between the stoves pipe and the chimney must be perfectly airtight

Note: It is essential to check that the room in which the appliance is installed is well ventilated to provide adequate air supply

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