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Godin Chevannes 13 kW Freestanding Fireplace Black

- Fuel: Wood

- Colour: Black

- Power: 13kW

- Heating capacity: 500m3

- Flue size outlet:180 Diameter

- Flue outlet above or rear


General information

When operating the unit, do not open the door by hand, use the operating tool or the glove for operation. While the heater is burning, keep the door closed.  Load the unit from the front door. The regulation of the combustion is done by sliding the air control at the base of the door from left to right (closed and open). When lighting the fire, the air control would be fully open and during normal operation, it would be in the middle – varying from house to house.  For normal functioning 3 to 8 logs of 6cm diameter could be used on a bed of coals. For a slow burn, one can use fewer logs but of a thicker diameter: 13 to 15cm diameter on a bed of coals. It is always possible to add more logs to prolong the period of combustion of the heater.  The operation of the fireplace depends on the kind of wood and the dryness of the wood. Do not load higher than 25cm.

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Technical characteristics:

Unit dimensions (mm) 883 x 617 x 384 (height x width x depth)

Fire box dimensions (mm) 350 x 570 x 250 (height x width x depth)

Flue Diameter 180 mm

Flue outlet Top or rear 

Recommended fuel Wood

Log size loading from the front: 50cm 

Panoramic glass resistant to 750 deg C Yes

Cast iron firebox  Yes

Air Regulation Yes, manual

Weight 135 kg

Normal kW Output 13 kW

Heating volume 200 - 500 m3

Wood consumption at normal rate  4.7kg per hour

Average fume temperature 382 degC

Minimum distances to combustible materials 50cm rear, 50cm sides, 150cm front

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