Model number (SKU)

Glem 90cm Built-in Gas Oven GF9G31IX


- Gas Oven & Gas Grill

- 5 Functions – 60 Minute Timer

Product description

Baking and roasting are two of a chef’s favorite things. And when done in a gas oven, the results are usually amazing. A gas oven allows for instantaneous heat and accurate temperature control, so you will never have to worry about burning your cupcakes or bringing out barely-cooked roast chicken.

Glem is known in the culinary world as being one of the best gas oven brands, so this built-in gas oven will provide you with exceptional quality end results. It has features such as a tangential cooling fan, a safety device on the burner, and five unique functions including a rotisserie feature. Because it is built-in, you will not have to worry about it taking up too much room in your kitchen or clashing with your interior design style.

Choosing a Glem oven is an investment not only in your future, but in the future of your desserts’ reputations.

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