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Bosch Electric Built-In Microwave Oven HMT84G654


The built-in microwave for the 38 cm niche: use it for extra fast thawing, heating and perfect preparation of foods.

- Frameless design: easy installation, harmonious integration into the kitchen furniture and easy to clean.
- AutoPilot 8: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 8 pre-set automatic programmes.
- Grill function: perfect grilling results are quickly and easily achieved thanks to a powerful grill.
- Side-opening door: convenient opening thanks to left-hinged door.

Product description:

Balancing modern-day life with work, family, pets and other inescapable activities like cooking is nothing but a challenge. After-work life is so hasty that it demands advanced cooking options to help make these activities a little easier for the sophisticated individual. A microwave is just the helping hand you need.

This electric kitchen appliance is used to heat and cook food, giving you the freedom of setting deadlines for your cooking, while spending some time with your loved ones.

Bosch’s innovative built-in microwave option offers an additional oven element for extra fast thawing, heating and perfect food preparation. This easy-to-clean, 38cm unit offers easy installation and harmonious integration with kitchen furniture. Not only does it look beautiful but the cooking experience is smooth. And thanks to its eight pre-set automatic programmes, every dish will be cooked to perfection.


Suitable for installation in tall housing
5 power levels: 900 W, 600 W, 360 W, 180 W, 90 W
1200 W Quartz Grill
User-friendly electronics: extremely
easy and comfortable operation
Timer up to 60 minutes
Automatic safety switch-off
Side opening door with viewing window
31.5 cm glass turntable
Stainless steel interior, 25 litres

General details:

Width of the product (mm) 594 mm
Height 382 mm
Max. microwave power level 900 W
Door opening Button
Type of microwave oven MW+Grill function
Turntable diameter (mm) 315 mm
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