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Bosch 290cm Warmer Drawer BID630NS1

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The multifunctional warming drawer for the 29 cm niche: for pre-heating plates, keeping food warm and low temperature cooking.

Product description

Any home chef knows that a warmer drawer is an essential appliance for the kitchen. It allows you to keep food warm after you have cooked, or to gently and slowly cook the perfect stews. Avid bakers know how useful warmer drawers can be for proving the perfect ciabatta or bread loaf.

The Bosch warmer drawer is packed with features, including a dough proving function, a warming function and a food-thawing function. This efficient appliance will suit the aesthetic of any kitchen, with a high-gloss surface that also eliminates fingerprints. The drawer itself is easy to use with a practical spring mechanism.

Chefs and foodies alike will rejoice after purchasing this warmer drawer. Keep your food warm and make your kitchen the true heart of the home.


Cavity volume: 52 l

Temperature control in four levels
30°C to 80°C (glass surface temperature)

Max. loading espresso cup
192 PC

Max. loading plates 40 PC

Five functions Dough proving, thawing of delicate foods, keeping drinks and food warm, pre-warming of crockery, gentle cooking

Heating plate made of toughened glass

Type of oven / heating system:

Heating plate made of toughened glass

Temperature control in 4 levels: ca. 30°C - 80°C (glass surface temperature)

Max. loading espresso cups: 192 PC or Max. loading plates: 40 PC

5 Functions: dough proving thawing of delicate foods keeping drinks and food warm pre-warming of crockery gentle cooking
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Made In China
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