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Cooking up a storm is a home chef’s most loved pastime. The aroma of a freshly made pasta sauce can entice even the most picky of eaters, and the sight of a perfectly formed chocolate fondant will have everyone in a stir. Using a gas cooker is a sure-fire way to creating culinary delights, but if you are not yet swayed read on for the benefits of using a gas cooker for home chefs.


While both electric and gas hobs are efficient at heating, a gas cooker hob is much quicker to heat up and offers perfectly even heating. An electric hob needs time to heat up before you see any cooking results, whereas a gas cooker heats immediately once you turn the knob.

Gas hobs also cool down quicker than electric hobs, which is an efficient safety feature. You may find that electric hobs can get hotter than gas, which is perfect for flash-frying but if you want to cook meat or other simple dishes to perfection, a too-hot stove plate can ruin a dish.

Ease of control

The cool-down time of a gas hob allows for easier control over your dishes. You will not have to move your pan or pot off of the heat for it to cool down, but can simply turn the gas off and leave your food to sit on an almost-already-cool burner.

Gas hobs also offer more variation with their temperatures, allowing you to slowly simmer a sauce while you boil pasta on a high heat. If you need to replace your knobs or burners, you will find Defy spares available from many hardware stores and furniture outlets. With newly fitted knobs, you will better be able to create perfectly cooked dishes, every time.

Energy efficiency

Gas cookers use little to no electricity, which can save you quite a lot of money on your energy bills. Electric cookers need time to both heat up and cool down, which means that you have to leave them on for much longer, using more electricity than you need to cook.

Saving electricity goes a long way to having more money for special ingredients, and gas cookers are much friendlier to the environment too. If you are using a gas oven, you may find that it has to connect to an electrical point in order to power the fans, but it will use much less electricity than a conventional electric oven does.

No power? No problem

Gas cookers are unaffected by power outages, which make them ideal if you live in an area which is frequently inundated with these occurrences. You will be able to still cook breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to worry about there being no power.

Having the ability to keep cooking no matter what gives great peace of mind and allows your day to continue as normal, even if the power is out due to inclement weather or loadshedding. Your food will be ready quickly and efficiently, whereas if you were relying on an electrical stovetop, you would have to pay for a take-out dinner, wasting money and creating unhealthy habits.

You can use varied cookware

Flat electric cooktops are fine if you only use flat cookware, and induction cookers are ideal if you have the pots and pans to match. But all of this can become expensive and cumbersome, whereas gas allows you to cook with almost any cookware available.

The bottoms of your most beloved and used pots and pans may have warped, causing them to lean to one side when placed on a surface. This means it may be unusable on the flat surface of an electric hob, but can still be used on a gas hob. This will save you from having to buy specific cookware, allowing you to still use your ‘old faithful’ pots and pans to create your delicious dishes.

Cleaning is a breeze

If you cook on an electric hob, you are already well aware of how tricky they can be to clean properly. You have to be very careful not to scratch the burners, and may have to use a specific cleaner to get rid of any stubborn grease or burnt-in food.

With gas burners, all you have to do is remove the steel grate, wipe away the crumbs that may have spilled from your pots and pans, and use a simple multipurpose cleaner to remove stubborn dirt. You can soak the grate in your sink with some dishwashing liquid if it is dirty. The cleaning process is quick and easy for gas, with even the ovens being easier to clean.

What’s cooking?

Using gas as your main means of cooking carries many benefits. A gas cooker heats up significantly quicker than an electric cooker, allows you to have more control over your cooking and is much easier to clean than its electric counterpart. eHome’s Defy appliances give you a wide range to choose from, so spoil yourself with a gas cooker today and see how creative you can truly be in the kitchen!

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