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Who we are

We’re eHome. And we’re obsessed with the idea of making your house a home. What makes a home, you ask? Is it the furniture or appliances? Sure, these things make it more comfortable. But the core ingredient to any home is family. We should know, we’re a family-run business.

We don’t think that making a home has to be all that complicated. That’s why we started eHome in the first place. It’s really simple. Find what you’re looking for from our massive range of luxury furniture and appliances, click a few buttons, and tap a few keys. Before you can say “family values”, your purchase will be delivered to your door.

How do we do it? Well, we’ve got friends in high places. And low places. And, well, throughout the country. This network of distributors and suppliers help us bring you such affordable and efficient service.


We’ll match or beat any price our competitors give you. Just let us know how much you’ve been quoted, send through the valid quotation from the supplier as proof and we’ll get hold of you to arrange how we can match or better the price you’ve been quoted. Please note: Because there is a range of things that go into pricing, we’ll still require you to pay for the shipping (delivery) of the product if we’ve matched the price. Further to this, the payment will need to be made via EFT as per our policy above.

What makes us better?

Ninja-like speed.

Having friends across the country means we’re able to move things quickly and greatly reduces the time between you purchasing a product with us, and it arriving at your door.

Choice. And plenty of it.

Flatscreen for the man cave? New freezer for the kitchen? Our extensive range of household furniture and appliances has you covered. Whatever you’re after.

A love affair with quality.

Everything on our site is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to be delivered to you in the best possible condition.

Our Team

Pieter Herholdt

Pieter Herholdt

Pieter is eHome’s founder. His eye for opportunity, entrepreneurial spirit and background in IT meant eHome was his perfect fit when he started eHome up in 2012. If anyone understands the South African ecommerce space, it’s Pieter. It’s his values that run through the company: competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and speedy delivery.

Marili Herholdt

Marli Herholdt

Our intrepid Ops Manager, Marli is responsible for everything behind the scenes at eHome. She’s got the fantastic job of making sure the lounge suite you ordered gets to you pronto and in great nick.


"To the team of eHome.co.za, I want to thank you for delivering as promised. I placed an order for a double bed online, and it was promptly delivered within a week. Can’t believe how easy it was." - Maren du Toit

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