Tips to keep your home clean when you have kids

Everyone who has ever had a child knows that it’s hard to keep your home clean with a little one running around. It’s not that they do it on purpose, it’s just in their nature. They play outside in the mud, they get sticky food all over their hands, they decide to draw on the walls – it’s all part of their charm.

But sometimes you just want to have a clean and organised home, especially when you have guests coming over. It may not seem possible, but with these quick tips you may be able to keep things a little cleaner in your home.

Have a designated “mess area” – If you have a play room, set this aside as the area they can mess up as much as they like. If not, choose an area of the home that people don’t regularly see. This way you can prepare for the mess by putting down newspaper on the floor or protective plastic on the furniture.

Get your kids involved in cleaning – Turn cleaning into a fun game and you’ll be surprised how willing your children are to help. Let them open up their imaginations and discover their own world while they pick up their toys and sweep the floor. They may not do the best job, but it’s always better to have them working with you than against you.

Don’t let your kid become a hoarder – Just like you need to replace your old oven with a brand new Elba oven, you need to replace your kids’ old toys and clothes with new ones. Obviously, you don’t want to tear your little one away from their security blanket, but you need to get them into the habit of “out with the old and in with the new” before they become too attached.

Have a set of “outside clothes” – Telling your kids not to roll around in the dirt and mud is never going to work. It’s just better to accept that once and for all. So, how do you make sure that most of that dirt stays outside? You have a special set of clothes that stay outside. When your kid gets to the door make sure that they leave the messy laundry at the door and change into a cleaner outfit.

Lastly, lower your expectations – Sorry, but when you had kids you gave up the right to a perfect home. So, change your idea of what “clean” is and maximise on the organisation instead. You’ve just got to accept that your home will no longer look like something from a magazine (at least not for a few years).

Your little bundles of joy make your life shine so much brighter and you have to come to terms with the fact that your home is going to be on the messy side. But you can always manage the mess by following these simple tips.