21 December 2015
How to be the perfect host this festive season

The festive season is all about family and celebrating with loved ones. And when those loved ones live out of town, it can also mean welcoming them into your home.

25 November 2015
Tips to keep your home clean when you have kids

Everyone who has ever had a child knows that it’s hard to keep your home clean with a little one running around. It’s not that they do it on purpose, it’s just in their nature.

25 November 2015
Cleaning tips that save you time and energy!

Cleaning can really get the best of you sometimes. There’s nothing quite like getting home from a long day at work and realising that your house desperately needs a good clean. It’s not that you mind cleaning, but rather that it takes so much time and energy!

21 May 2015
How to maintain your leather furniture is a great feeling bringing home that gorgeous leather couch or sinfully cozy La-Z-Boy. Leather is a wonderful material and that piece of furniture is going to last for years and years. Before you get too comfortable though, make sure you clue yourself up on how to maintain leather furniture properly. That way, your leather pieces will last even longer, forever looking great.